Redcross in Co. Wicklow is a place that is home to two quint pubs, camping spots, and an art gallery. One of these pubs is called the Mickey Finn Brewery, pub and restaurant. .. Twelve years ago this pub/brewery was merely just a stopping point for visitors of the camping grounds, but the business grew and here we are today. The owners saw the potential to expand Mickey Finn’s so they added on a new room to the existing structure for a small restaurant. .. Their efforts soon paid off and the demand for their food and hospitality was growing, so once again the family got to building on to the pub. Throughout these twelve years of building and expansion, the rooms began to take on a character of their own. It was only four years ago that the owners decided to open a craft brewery that also caters to traditional Irish cooking with international specialities. Having been here a couple of times I have gotten to know the innkeeper Leigh Williams and I have learned that the “snug” will be turned into an Irish whisky room and all I can say with much excitement is a big toast to that! 
Mickey Finn's Pub, Main Street, Ballygillaroe, Redcross, Co. Wicklow,,


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