Ireland’s Whiskey Guide is a travel guide that provides reviews of all Irish whiskey distilleries and their surroundings i.e. outings and it will be released in May 2019. The history of Irish whiskey while exciting has been somewhat forgotten. Due to this, the first part of the book will give brief summaries of Irish whiskeys „ups and downs“. The second part will describe the processes in how whiskey is and more so on how Irish whiskey differs from all the other sorts. Through the second part, the underlying motive of “all good things take time” especially resonating with the survival of the Irish Whiskey trade. The third part is for the adventure seeker in us all who have dreamed of visiting the vast green landscapes of Ireland and also for those who wish to see these historical places in person. Even if the reader comes from Ireland and just has an interest in their local history, this guide can provide an “off the beaten track” type of guidance.

Author and Photographer Kate Amber (publish by Amber Publishers)  ISBN is 978-1-5272-3733-9, suggested retail price €14.75

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