As you can see from the above photo, each glass of whiskey changes colour from light to deep amber as it matures. This happens when the liquid absorbs the colour from the barrels over time. Traditionally oak barrels were used, however, nowadays distilleries will happily experiment with the likes of beer, rum, cider, port or sherry barrels. Just like it took time for the beautiful Irish countryside to take shape, the longer a whiskey is allowed to mature, the better the taste. A good Irish whiskey takes time to mature, grow and form. As it matures some evaporation occurs which is fondly known as the ‘Angel’s Share’. In Ireland, the Angels “take” approximately 2% of the whiskey’s volume per year. This has to do with the fact that the outside temperature is not so high in summer and not too low in winter. The longer the whiskey matures, the deeper the aroma, the taste and of course the bigger Angel’s Share! If you get the opportunity to visit a whiskey warehouse, you’ll find out more about Angel’s Share 


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