The “Snug Room” is originally an Irish invention, which is now well known in pubs throughout the world. Up to the 1960s, pubs in Ireland were for men only. After Mass on a Sunday, the men would typically meet for a pint in the local pub and so that women were not left outside, a special “waiting area” was set up for them. The women could sit there and exchange news. It was not an enforced law that women weren’t allowed to drink in public, but women were simply not allowed into pubs. That didn’t mean that Irish women did not drink though! Snugs are reminiscent of the Catholic Church's "confession boxes." They were located towards the entrance of the pub and enclosed with extra doors, some even being lockable from the inside, so those uninvited could not come in! The Snugs had extra windows to the bar so that the women could order their drinks without being seen. It was also a private area to meet with the local priest or police officer and couples could even flirt without fear of being seen. Older pubs still have Snug Rooms. Keep your eyes out for them when traveling around Ireland!


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