Whiskey Live is a great event to get an overview of what’s happening in the world of Irish Whiskey and as a bonus, you can sample many whiskeys to find your favorite one. For those who decide to attend the event, I also recommend attending the masterclasses. There you can try special vintages and unusual varieties of whiskeys as well as meet the actual distillers, whether large or small, new or established.
At the Dingle Masterclass on Saturday, 23rd November (starts at 5:45) you‘ll get an overview of Dingle Single Malt vs Dingle Single Pot Still. This is a must for those who have always wanted to know more about Dingle Whiskey or simply want to experience the difference between Single Malt and Pot Still Whiskey using the excellent example of Dingle Whiskey!
Please note that you need to buy a ticket to the main Whiskey Live event in order to participate in the Masterclasses.

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