One of the first in the world, and the first Dublin distillery, John Power & Son began bottling their Whiskey in 1886. Up until then, Whiskey was sold in barrels at merchants, bonders and to pub owners. They filled up bottles or smaller containers like, for example, clay jugs. Today we find some of the clay or glass whiskey jugs in Distilleries or pubs as decoration.

Today’s pick is a lovely old bottle from Old Bushmills Distillery, Bushmills, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The company that initially built the distillery formed in 1784. However, is the date 1608 printed on the label of the brand – this referring to an earlier time a royal license was granted to a local landowner to distil whiskey in the area. Casa Cuervo of Mexico owns today the distillery. 


Flaming Pig Irish Whiskey - Whiskey with Natural spices, bottled 1875 by Larry Malones.

Testing Notes:

Nose - Smooth, spicy notes balanced with whiskey Taste - Sweet, whiskey notes followed by a spicy kick that puts fire in your belly Notes - Whiskey, cloves, cinnamon, pepper

JJ Harlow’s is one of the town’s most charming bars and one of Roscommon’s oldest traditional bar. The traditional bar with snugs beloved of many Roscommon citizens. The old bar area to the front of the premises is a delightful old-style bar, having retained the bar and wooden floor of the original premises, which is over 100 years old. The middle bar features a lovely open fire area, while the back bar features a giant screen for all sports events, as well as pool and darts. JJ’s also offers a pour-your-own-pint table as well as a covered and heated smoking area.

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