The nine-hundred-year-old pub of Sean's pub in Athlone is not so hidden as some of the others I have mentioned but is definitely one the oldest ones I have visited.  Athlone is located pretty centrally in Ireland and the pub itself right in the middle of the town near the river Shannon and Athlone Castle.

In 2004, the Guinness World Records recognized the pub. As it’s such a central part of the town, the older remnants of Athlone from the medieval period such as the old city walls can be seen. The owner of this pub when forming his own whiskey brand decided to honour the first owner of the pub by naming his whiskey after him called “Luain”. The whiskey is a blend of grain and malt and is developed using Bourbon casks. The whiskey itself has a caramel scent and has a soft and mild taste.

This “Luain” whiskey is a drop of history all in one where the 900 years of culture from O’shea’s can be tasted in tried in the town of Athlone. And with that, I think this whiskey deserves cheers!

Sean's Bar, 13 Main St, Athlone, Co. Westmeath,


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